Aug 062014

Everybody has to deal with spammers – a fact of our connected lives.

Some folks more than others… depending on their e-mail provider and how they have set up their e-mail program for spam filtering.

Here’s a quick tip:

You should generally AVOID clicking on any “Unsubscribe” links in spam e-mails. Intuitively, it may sound like a good idea to do this – after all, you don’t want to keeping getting these spam e-mails, right?

The problem is that spammers include these links to find out whether or not anybody is reading their spam. By clicking on ANYTHING in the spam e-mail, you are basically confirming that your e-mail address is a good address. The spammers can then share your e-mail address with other spammers, or simply keep sending you different spam.

Obviously, the exception to this rule is for any actual mail lists that you may have signed up for (with legitimate businesses).